Provisional program

4th of July 2018 - Current challenges in climate science

09:00-9:15: Opening: María José Sanz (BC3)

09:15-10:15: Trends in climate science. Sérgio Henrique Faria (BC3)

10:15-11:15: The Anthropocene. Alejandro Cearreta (EHU)

11:15-12:00: Coffee break

12:00-13:00: Climate change in mountain areas. Juan Ignacio López Moreno (IPE)

13:00-14:00: Round table “Climate Science

5th of July 2018 - Current challenges in impacts and adaptation to climate change

09:15-10:15: Adapting to sea-level rise. Iñigo Losada (IH Cantabria)

10:15-11:15: Water security and climate change. Declan Conway (Grantham Res. Inst.)

11:15-12:00: Coffee break

12:00-13:00: The finance of climate adaptation. Alina Averchenkova (Grantham Res. Inst.)

13:00-14:00: Round table “Impacts and Adaptation

15:30-17:30 United Nations Summit Game

17:30-18:00   Break

18:00-20:30   Social Event

7th of July 2018 - The role of energy in the mitigation of climate change

09:15-10:15: Energy for a low-carbon society. Gonzalo Saénz de Miera (Iberdrola)

10:15-11:15: The design of support schemes for renewables. Natalia Fabra (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

11:15-12:00: Coffee break

12:00-13:00: Carbon policy and the structure of global trade. Christoph Böhringer (University of Oldenburg)

13:00-14:00: Round table “Mitigation and Energy

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